April 10, 2019
August 19, 2019

Getting Rid of Oil in the Kitchen

Wondering how to dispose of used oil in the kitchen?

We all know the struggle of disposing oil. For one pan of bacon, pouring leftover oil onto paper towels or into a disposable container is simple.  But what do you do when dealing with a lot of oil after frying or other purposes? 

For this video, we decided to have a little fun with our product in the kitchen. Using our Biosorb all-natural oil absorbent to absorb this oil was incredibly easy.  We simply poured the product onto the oil, let it soak, and dumped it in the backyard for degradation.

When poured down the drain, oil can clog septic tanks and cause various problems.  Be sure to check local and state regulations, as they may have suggestions for different disposal methods. For the most part, you can deal with this oil in a few ways:

Save Oil for Reuse

  • Strain oil through coffee filters to remove large particles, and store in a sealed container for later use.
  • Oil can be reused once or twice; if it has a rancid smell, it is time to throw the oil away.
  • The smoke point (temp at which it will burn) decreases each time you reuse oil, so beware of that.

Dispose Oil When Hardened

  • Let the oil cool completely and then throw it away.
  • Freeze or refrigerate the oil, and then toss into the trash.
  • Pour completely cooled oil into a trash bag.  Other items in the trash may act as an absorbent to contain the oil.

Using Kengro Biosorb or Another Oil Absorbent

  • Biosorb is a unique option, because it can avoid any oil being thrown into the trash.
  • Biosorb will rapidly absorb liquid oil and form a harder compound that will later biodegrade.
  • Used Biosorb is also biodegradable due to natural microbes within the product. It can be thrown into your backyard or wherever you compost.

Recycling Oil

It is possible to recycle used cooking oil into biodiesel.  Biodiesel can be used for heating oil and many types of vehicles. Check for local collection programs to see if there is a recycler near you. Earth.com is a great resource for checking out recycling programs of any kind near you.

For an extended version of this article, please see https://www.thespruceeats.com/how-do-i-dispose-of-used-cooking-oil-908995