Biosorb Pillow

Spill containment perfect for keeping you on the go.

Use this compact form of Biosorb for everyday maintenance and spills.

Natural microbes inside Biosorb Pillow encapsulate and eat oil and other hydrocarbons.
Use this pillow for everyday spill containment, as it absorbs oil, diesel, gas, coolants, etc.
Our Pillow can be reused until fully saturated; it absorbs up to 10x’s its weight.
Plastic bag of Kengro Biosorb granular oil absorbent
All Natural Filler

Filler material is a 100% biodegradable, annually renewable resource made from plant fiber.


Does not absorb water. 100% of absorption is geared toward soaking up oil, not water, making it an ideal solution for all spills.

Additional Disposal Options

Multiple options for disposal, as opposed to other types of industrial absorbents.

Rapid Absorption

Contains natural microbes that enhance bioremediation. Translation: this pillow absorbs spills fast. Really fast.

10x’s more absorbent than clay

Filler material is ultra absorbent, resulting in much less product needed to clean a spill.


Have on hand anywhere.  Biosorb Pillow is easy to transport anywhere you need it.

No Dust Particles

Each product goes through an Intense vacuuming  process to virtually remove all dust particles.


Pillow can be used around any type of machinery.

Water Resistant

Hydrophobic and can be used to clean any spills that also involve water.


Can be used until completely saturated, which oftentimes is after a few uses.


Item No.
21” x 21”
“Biosorb products work the best on water, but they work great on the ground too. Biosorb is a really great product that doesn’t get all over your clothes like other options. We really like it.”
Production Superintendent
Oil & Gas Company, Laurel, MS

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