Biosorb Absorbent Boom

Length adjustable solution for land and water.

Hook Booms together for industrial sized spills on land and water.

Biosorb Booms are hydrophobic and will continue to float, even when saturated.
Filler material is all natural, non carcinogenic, and 100% biodegradable.
Perfect for skimming oil from water. Tough outer mesh and linkable hooks make retrieval incredibly easy.
Plastic bag of Kengro Biosorb granular oil absorbent
Ultra Absorbent

Filler absorbs up to 10x’s its weight.


Can be used until completely saturated, which oftentimes is after a few uses.

White Color Mesh

Easy to spot when booms are completely saturated.

Water Resistant

Hydrophobic and will continue to float on water, even when completely saturated with oil.

Immediate Absorbent Action

Contains natural microbes that enhance bioremediation. Translation: this boom absorbs spills fast. Really fast.

All Natural

Filler material is a 100% Biodegradable, annually renewable resource made from plant fiber.

Strong Outer Mesh

Outer mesh material can endure tugging and different movements.

Cost Efficient

High absorbency rates, ability to reuse, and ease of cleanup make these booms very affordable.


Abosrbent Booms can be used around any type of machinery and are not flammable.

Additional Disposal Options  

Multiple options for disposal, as opposed to other  types of industrial absorbents.



For use on land and water. Follow instructions for maximum effectiveness.

1. Choose the proper Boom size for your spill.

5 inch
  • Use for lakes, ponds, or other small bodies of water with low-medium water turbulence
  • Use for rivers and creeks with medium water turbulence
  • Land use of any sorts
8 Inch
  • Use on oceans or rivers with heavy turbulence

2. Set booms downstream along the outer perimeter of spill.

3. Link booms as needed.

  • A) To contain a large spill, hook booms together to increase length.
  • B) Link booms by snapping one clip from each boom into the ring of the next boom.
  • C) To ensure added success, overlap boom ends as necessary.

4. Allow booms to facilitate absorption.

Biosorb Boom’s 100% plant based filler material is naturally hydrophobic and absorbs only hydrocarbons--no water. Once saturated, filler material is easily contained by boom’s durable outer mesh.

5. Properly dispose according to regulations.

Dispose of used absorbents according to local, state, federal or country regulations.
Where allowed by law, filler material is biodegradable and can be composted or disposed of sans HAZMAT.

1) Boom immediately floats and begins to absorb hydrocarbons--no water.
2) Boom sinks lower into water as it becomes more saturated, exposing oil to a new layer of absorbent.
3) Once a boom is fully saturated, it will float just below water’s surface.Remove and replace booms as needed.

Item No.
8” x 10’
5” x 10’
“If you don’t stock, use, or sell this product, you are crazy! I have known about it for ten years and have tested it against Sphagsorb and Oil Gator myself. Biosorb is all we carry here at Tony’s.”
Joseph Morsen
Tony's Pump and Supply, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

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