Siltron Geotextile

Ponding & filtering BMP alternative to super silt fence.

A fence that outperforms any super silt fence on the market.

An incredibly durable, 3-layer composite geotextile designed to address the shortcomings of typical and super silt fence.
Combined highest sediment retention rate and highest seepage rate ever seen in a fencing geotextile.
Comparable installed price to super silt fence; incredibly fast installation.
Functions as a dynamic filter-ponder, while core material eradicates construction site pollutants.
Plastic bag of Kengro Biosorb granular oil absorbent
No Metal Backing

Rigid material of Siltron requires no chain linked fencing for reinforcement for preventing soil erosion.

Rapid Installation

Can be installed at a rate of 375 linear feet per hour.

Extreme Puncture Resistance

Relatively nothing can tear this fabric, preventing common headaches related to traditional silt fence. We dare you to try.

Resists Blinding

Acts as a dynamic filter-ponder; Siltron stands strong during dynamically changing stormwater intensity and prevents water erosion.

Performs Under Hydraulic Pressure

Siltron® geotextile compresses but de-compresses as pressure alleviates. When a blinding slurry builds up, the compressed textile snaps back (about .5mm).

Available in Pre Staked Bundles or Master Rolls

Pre-staked bundles are available in 50 ft intervals perfect for trenching; master rolls are available in 100 ft intervals for static slicing machines.

Goes Beyond Sediment Retention

Absorbs viscous pollutants in stormwater such as motor oil, hydraulic fluid, diesel, etc., while stopping water erosion.

UV Resistance

Siltron UV resistance numbers are much better than traditional silt fencing.


Recommended Steps


Sediment shall be removed when accumulations reach half the above ground height of the fence.

Any section of fence which has been compromised through physical damage or is blinded with sediment or hydrocarbons shall be immediately replaced either a rock filter outlet configuration, or filter sock (compost or switchgrass).

If undercutting occurs, fill must be added to trench and area re-compacted.


Fence shall be removed and properly disposed of when tributary area is permanently stabilized.

Item No.
Linear Ft
Siltron 36-Master Roll
Linear Ft
Siltron 28 - Pre Staked
SIL-P 28
Linear Ft
Siltron 21 - Pre Staked
SIL-P 21
Linear Ft
Siltron 16 - Pre Staked
SIL-P 16
"Siltron was used as a replacement for Super Silt Fence. It has proved as effective as the Super Silt Fence in our applications and has done a better job of preventing ponding water."
Jamie Sullivan
P.E Talbot Brothers, Memphis, Tennessee

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