January 5, 2019
August 19, 2019

Updated Competitor Comparison Video

One of our favorite things to do is demonstrate our product. 

Words are great and all, but when you have a product that acts, it's never gets old to demo.

For this comparison video, we compared Biosorb, Oil Gator, Clean B, and Sphagsorb.

Testing methods:

  • Pour 125 grams of oil onto four plates
  • 100 grams of Oil Gator oil absorbent
  • 125 grams of Clean B absorbent
  • 90 grams Sphagsorb absorbent
  • 25 grams of Biosorb absorbent

Let each product sit for three minutes before reviewing results.

Oil gator oil absorbent being used to clean oil still has oil residue after absorption.

Oil Gator

  • non aggressive absorbent
  • acidic
  • low microbial count
  • leaching

Clean B oil absorbent after cleaning up a minor oil spill test. Oil residue is still left over despite oil absorbent being used.

Clean B

  • non-aggressive absorbent
  • oil seeps around edges
  • acidic
  • low microbial count

Sphagsorb oil absorbent being used to clean up a test plate.at on a spill.


  • no microbes
  • highly acidic
  • not annually renewable
  • may require retrieval-must be mined in bogs

25 Grams of Biosorb oil absorbent being used to clean a 125 grams of oil on a plastic plate.


  • highly aggressive oil absorbent
  • annually renewable
  • encapsulates oil
  • large microbial count