January 5, 2019
April 9, 2019

Updated Competitor Comparison Video

One of our favorite things to do is demonstrate our product. 

Words are great and all, but when you have a product that acts, it's never gets old to demo.

For this comparison video, we compared Biosorb, Oil Gator, Clean B, and Sphagsorb.

Testing methods:

  • Pour 125 grams of oil onto four plates
  • 100 grams of Oil Gator
  • 125 grams of Clean B
  • 90 grams Sphagsorb
  • 25 grams of Biosorb

Let each product sit for three minutes before reviewing results.

Oil Gator

  • non aggressive
  • acidic
  • low microbial count
  • leaching

Clean B

  • non-aggressive
  • oil seeps around edges
  • acidic
  • low microbial count


  • no microbes
  • highly acidic
  • not annually renewable
  • may require retrieval


  • highly aggressive
  • annually renewable
  • encapsulates oil
  • large microbial count