April 22, 2019
August 19, 2019

Looking for Foolproof Erosion Control Solutions?

Kengro Corporation is excited to announce its entrance into the Erosion & Sediment Control sector.

If you are needing Erosion and Sediment Control solutions in the Southeastern US, contact Ruben Burke at 662.688.6366.

In 2015, Kengro began collaborating with MKB company to create a geotextile that would make silt fencing as we currently know it a thing of the past. If you've ever dealt with silt fencing, you know that silt fencing=headaches. Due to the needs of many of their pipeline customers, MKB Company was searching for an organic fiber manufactured in the US, that could absorb hydrocarbons & various other pollutants inherent to a construction site. This geotextile has now been developed, and it is called Siltron.

Kengro provides the materials for the middle layer of Siltron to further increase the capabilities of an already dynamic product. Instead of a product that simply blocks pollutants physically (like traditional silt-fencing), Siltron can absorb pollutants and remove them from the environment.

Kengro also offers MKB’s Diamond Sock brand of compost filter sock. The Diamond Sock compost filter sock is a phenomenal & environmentally friendly alternative to standard silt fencing; especially in wetlands, marshlands, and urban areas where trenching is not feasible.


The middle brown layer is made from Kengro fibers.
Siltron being used on a construction site.  Pictured after heavy rain.

Siltron is a stronger and more dynamic alternative to traditional silt fence methods.

Some Benefits of Siltron
  • Composite 3 layer geotextile
  • Rapid installation: can be installed at a rate of 375 linear feet/hour
  • Addresses the shortcomings of standard silt fence
  • Does not require any chain linked fencing
  • Encapsulates and remediates pollutants on construction sites
  • Resists blinding

Diamond Sock

Diamond Sock being used for a roadside construction project.

Some Benefits of the Diamond Sock
  • 110 linear feet can be installed in 5 minutes with 3 men and a skid steer
  • Quick and easy cleanup with biodegradable filler material
  • Better performance and field longevity
  • Avoids tearing of traditional silt fencing

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our erosion and sediment control solutions.  For questions about technical application and pricing, contact Ruben Burke at 662.688.6366.

Kengro is proud to offer Diamond Sock and Siltron alternatives to silt fencing to Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and other Southern states.

Additionally, our Resources page has SDS forms and Product Data Sheets for viewing.