May 8, 2019
August 19, 2019

Siltron: The Silt Fence Alternative You Must Try

How Siltron Fencing System Works

The first thing you need to know - it's a game changer.

Siltron geotextile is designed to address all the shortcomings associated with chain linked silt fences.

The first part of the Siltron recipe is the material it's made from. Siltron® uses a long lasting, durable, 3-layer needle-punched geotextile that eliminates the need for wire backing. You read that right!  NO wire backing necessary. This product exhibits extreme puncture resistance.

Siltron silt fence alternative pictured standing strong after being run over by a trachoe.
This is Siltron standing strong after the trackhoe incident.

  • In this photo to the right, Siltron is still standing tall after being run-over by a trackhoe. That is how strong this geotextile is.
  • Hand tools used to remove sediment won’t compromise the textile like typical silt fence, where nicks and cuts during servicing often lead to future failures.
  • The product is pre-staked in bundles using 1.5 x 1.5 oak stakes, which are much more break resistant than typical silt fence stakes. Bundles also include integrated anti-push spades and lathes (on Siltron 21 and Siltron 28) for extra robustness.

Siltron® functions as a dynamic sediment filter-ponder (like compost filter sock).

This allows the fence to deal with changing stormwater intensity across the entire face of the composite geotextile.

Siltron geotextile and silt fence alternative picutred standing tall agains  water and sediment after a heavy rain on a construction site.
  • Other fencing products either blind too fast (leading to physical failure) or allow too much sediment through.
  • Siltron ® uses a textured non-woven pre-filter designed to resist blinding and keep seeping long after the other products are blinded.
  • Even under extreme sediment load, Siltron® keeps seeping.
  • Siltron® also goes beyond sediment retention to sequester (in the cellulose core) any viscous job site pollutants in the stormwater like motor oil, hydraulic fluid, radiator fluid, diesel, bar and chain oil, and fitting grease from the stormwater.

Siltron geotextile being used as a silt fence alternative on a construction site, picutred after a heavy rain with a lot of silt buildup.
Siltron being used as a silt fence alternative on a construction site.

Siltron 28 geotextile and silt fence alternative being used on a construction site.
Siltron 28" silt fence alternative being used on a construction site.

For further inquiries regarding Siltron, contact Alexandra Brasher at 662.614.7722.