Silt Fence Alternatives in Grenada, MS

Designed to make soil erosion & erosion control headache-free.

Storm XR

3 dimensional, non woven silt fence that doesn't blind.

This silt fence is guaranteed to be more dynamic than any you've ever seen before. It was specifically designed to prevent the failures seen in silt fence for decades. We removed sagging, blinding, tearing and much more!
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Ponding & filtering BMP alternative to super silt fence.

Incredibly durable geotextile designed to withstand anything--Siltron can be installed at a rate of 375 linear feet per hour.
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Diamond Sock

Ponding & filtering soil erosion solution requiring no trenching.

A versatile solution designed for perimeter control, inlet protection, ditch checks, and slope interruption. 110 linear ft. can be installed in less than 5 minutes.
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Biodegradable oil spill pad and erosion control blanket.

A solution to any kind of erosion. Biopad works perfectly as a reinforcement mat and hugs the ground with ease.
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