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Our Mission

We know that basically any process involving oil will also involve a spill. Whether it’s near an oil rig, around frac trucks, in an auto garage, or around train tracks--oily soil is a mess. Water and soil erosion, too. We also know that any job site requires top notch efficiency when dealing with erosion and sediment.

We are here to make your daily processes easier and more productive.

Our products not only represent the utmost efficiency, but they also encourage kindness to the planet. We are in the business of offering you—as a well-site supervisor, as an auto mechanic, as a supply store, as a construction manager—the absolute most efficient solution to job-site woes.

Our Roots

We’ve been growning kenaf in the Mississippi Delta since the 80s, after learning about this “wonder-fiber” from founder Brent’s uncle. At the time, kenaf was relatively unheard of in the US.

Brent, our creative mind, was eager to experiment and develop uses for kenaf. He met his match in founder Gaby, a logical thinking Swiss immigrant who traveled to Mississippi to study agronomy(soil). Together they began growing and processing kenaf into oil absorbent products. We began offering erosion control products in 2018.

Our Priorities


Every time an oil spill occurs, it must be cleaned up. Our competitors offer absorbents that require picking up after use. We take pride in offering absorbents that can be left in soil. Why clean up twice? We like to think we are making your and your team's day easier.

Your Success

We design and offer the highest quality products on the market in order to improve your daily operations. Our products are not only cost-effective, they also reduce labor and time spent on projects, so you can get back to doing what makes you great!

Our Team

Disasters happen. We are farmers-we get it. We want to make oil spill response and erosion control as painless as possible for you. We offer products that are simple to use, labor efficient, and affordable, so that your daily operations remain unfazed by the inevitable mishaps that occur on job sites. Thanks for choosing Kengro!
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