May 1, 2019
September 6, 2019

Diamond Sock: The Erosion Solution You've Been Looking For

Diamond Sock: How it Works

The Diamond Sock Compost Filter Sock is an alternative to traditional silt fencing and standard wattles.

What it Does

Standard silt fencing relies solely on ponding technology, because the pores in these geotextiles are prone to blinding. The Diamond Sock, on the other hand, dynamically ponds and filters. This Sock allows water to flow steadily and at a controlled rate while preventing fine soil particles from passing through.

How it Works

The Diamond Sock’s bulk and weight, around 16lbs/LF, ensures ground contact is made while preventing elements from flowing beneath. For disposal, the Diamond Sock heavy duty wattle can be cut open and the organic filler inside can be leveled. Only the mesh netting requires disposal in most cases.

Other Qualities

  • Rapid installation; 110 linear feet can be installed in LESS THAN 5 minutes (see video above)
  • Comparable installed price to similar products
  • Quick and easy biodegradable cleanup.  Just cut the sock open and dispose of the netting
  • Lasts much longer than silt fence
  • Can be used for many different applications (pictured below)

Case Study: MDOT Highway 32 Project

In April of 2018, we approached Talbot Brothers - operating out of North MS - to team up with them on erosion issues they were experiencing on a road construction project in the Mississippi Delta.

Talbot was doing work adjacent to farmers' land and they needed to use perimeter control that could guarantee no sediment would flow onto the farmland.

They originally used standard silt fencing to mitigate this liability. The standard silt fence was unsuccessful, as it repeatedly came un-trenched. This was due to the flat nature of this area and high winds.

Kengro replaced 300 linear feet of silt fencing with our compost filter sock, as an alternative to the silt fencing they were experiencing issues with.

The results spoke for themselves. Our Diamond Sock alternative BMP was the perfect solution for this problem. Our product is still intact to this date (1 yr field life) and has handled winds & stormwater runoff without exemption. Below is a video that demonstrates exactly how our sock handles hydraulic flow by dynamically ponding and filtering.

The Diamond Sock compost filter sock erosion solution performing well alongside silt fence that has failed.
On this project, Diamond Sock remains intact while silt fence flaps in the wind.
The Diamond Sock compost filter sock erosion solution performing well alongside silt fence that has failed.
After withstanding the exact same conditions, the traditional silt fence is torn up and in need of replacement.

The Diamond Sock compost filter sock erosion solution performing well alongside silt fence that has failed.
More areas in which the silt fencing is torn.

Upon project completion, Talbot's P.E. had this to say:

"The Compost Filter Sock seems to be more durable than other wattles on the market, and it has survived wind forces that silt fence used earlier in the project had not survived."

Jamie Sullivan

P.E. Talbot Brothers, Memphis, Tennessee

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our erosion and sediment control solutions.  For questions about technical application and pricing, contact Alexandra Brasher at 662.614.7722.

Kengro is proud to offer Diamond Sock and Siltron alternatives to silt fencing to Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and other Southern states.