April 16, 2020
April 23, 2020

Kengro's Siltron Receives MDOT Approval

Siltron geotextile is now an MDOT approved alternative to traditional silt fence and super silt fence.

After an extensive evaluation and trial process that began in March 2018, Kengro has received approval from the Mississippi Department of Transportation that our Siltron geotexile fencing may be substituted for silt fence as described in §234.02. This means Siltron can be substituted for super silt fence and traditional silt fence in various applications.

Siltron is available in various heights, which allows for this dual substitution: shorter height options substitute for temporary silt fence, and higher options may replace super silt fence.

Kengro's Siltron can now be implemented in MDOT plans and projects. As part of the approval process, Kengro partnered with MDOT on 2 jobs in different applications to prove the process of Siltron, and 2 jobs with Diamond Sock. The  different sites had varying landscapes, needs, and weather. Both Siltron and Diamond Sock managed to stand strong on all three sites.

Siltron and Diamond Sock are super and traditional silt fence alternatives designed to be stronger and more effective in every sense, to protect job sites more carefully, and to save silt fence users from repairing failures daily. Here is how these products fared in MDOT trials.

Miss HWY 32, Charleston, MS

Siltron geotextile and the Diamond Sock compost filter sock were evaluated to replace super silt fence and temporary silt fence. These products were installed in March of 2018 and are still currently on site and operational--two years later.

Siltron geotextile being used as a super silt fence alternative.

Siltron Installation:

50 feet of Siltron was installed on one side of a ditch to evaluate it as a super silt fence replacement. In the two years since installation, this fence has stood tall through dramatic rainfall and storms. The installed Siltron has had water up to the top of the fabric and did not fail.

How it Was Installed:

Siltron was installed by trenching 8 inches into the ground. The fence was then rolled out and placed in the trench by driving the pre-staked stakes with push guards into the ground. The trench was then filled back up. The installation went quickly and efficiently, as roughly 375 linear feet of Siltron can be installed per hour.

Siltron geotextile being used as a super silt fence in Charleston, MS

Additionally, 150 feet of 12 inch Diamond Sock compost filter sock was installed in place of temporary silt fence. As water rose to 5", the Diamond Sock remained in place while the temporary silt fence installed next to it failed and let sediment pass through. The Diamond Sock was simply rolled out and staked every 10 feet.

Temporary silt fence fails and flaps in the wind as Diamond Sock remains grounded.


MDOT Intersection of SR 15 and SR 346 - Ecru, Mississippi

In this project, we installed Siltron as ditch check evaluations. We installed one per MDOT's recommendations and one per Kengro's recommendations to determine maximum effectiveness in this application.

For this application, we had a 10+ inch rain event in two days. The demonstration held.

Siltron Installation:

The goal of this installation was to ensure that Siltron could be applied as a ditch check resource. For this, we decided to dig a 12 inch trench and place stakes every five feet.

How it Was Installed:

Kengro's recommendation was an inverted "V," so as to distribute the energy produced by water over the width of the fence. Because of hydraulic flow, we dug a 12" trench, backfielded it with gravel, and topped the trench with dirt. Stakes were placed every 5 feet to maximize such a short length fence.

Siltron geotextile being used for ditch check applications.

Interstate 20, New Exit for Tire Plant

300 feet of 12 inch Diamond Sock compost filter sock was installed during construction for a new exit in Bolton, Mississippi. This Sock was installed similarly to the Highway 32 project; however, we installed a 110 linear foot continuous piece. The Diamond Sock used in our prior testing was our 10 feet long Diamond Sock, staked into a line.

Diamond Sock being used to replace temporary silt fence.

Diamond Sock Installation:

For this installation, we used three men and a skid steer to install the 300 linear feet. Due to the nature of the product, Diamond Sock installations are incredibly simple and require little equipment or men.

Using our Erosion & Sediment Control Tools

With all three projects completed successfully, we are proud and excited to work with our fellow Mississippians to continually improve erosion and sediment control on job sites.

If your company is interested in learning more about using our super silt fence and traditional silt fence alternatives, Siltron and Diamond Sock, for your MDOT projects, please reach out to alexandra@kengro.com.