May 4, 2020
May 7, 2020

Alexandra Brasher on Permian Perspective Podcast

Kengro Business Development Leader, Alexandra Brasher, talks family business, entrepreneurship, and navigating marketing in a unique industry.

Shortly before COVID-19 became an imminent threat in the US, I was visiting the Permian Basin for meetings in the area. The threat of coronavirus was still considered to be across many waters and very far away, and optimism was fairly high. In an industry like oil and gas, there is always a little silver lining involved. When things are bad, it is known that things will be good again at some point.  When things are good, there is always an inkling of suspicion as to how long things will be good.

No one had any concept of what was on the horizon this time.

Spirits were high in the Permian! As with each new year, everyone was hypothesizing what kind of year 2020 would be.

During my visit, I ran into Krista Escamilla, host of a podcast called "Permian Perspective." "Permian Perspective" is part of Oil and Gas Global Network, an Oil and Gas podcasting network that I happen to do social media work for. Despite my doing freelance for a year and working for the same company as Krista, we had never met.

Krista has the most soothing podcasting voice you've ever heard. It was very exciting to put a face to this incredibly calming voice she has. I was telling her my story and how Kengro was started. On the spot, she says "do you want to record an episode?"

While I'd had ZERO intention of recording a podcast that day, I just couldn't say no. One of my life mottos is to never run away from the uncomfortable or to shy away from new experiences. This podcasting thing was a go!

As you'll hear in the episode, coronavirus doesn't even crop up, but we do cover a lot of things that have been integral in my learning how to market and network a family business in the oil and gas industry.

I hope you enjoy listening!

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Alexandra Brasher and Krista Escamilla recording "Permian Perspective" podcast at Rig ID workwear.

This post was written by Alexandra Brasher.