Diamond Sock Compost Filter Sock

Ponding & filtering soil erosion solution requiring no trenching.

The best alternative to traditional silt fence in performance and price.

The Diamond Sock compost filter sock is filled using a compostable by-product of the lumber industry, palletized, and ready to be delivered to your site.
Our wattle shaped Sock dynamically ponds and filters stormwater runoff at a controlled rate, and acts as a barrier to retain sediment on a job site/out of inlets.
Where allowed by law, the Diamond Sock may only require the netting material to be disposed, as the organic filler material will biodegrade over time.
Plastic bag of Kengro Biosorb granular oil absorbent
More Efficient Installation

110 linear feet of wattle can be installed in less than 5 minutes with a 3-man crew & a skid steer.

Comparable Installed Price

Less labor costs and fewer inefficiencies lead to cost comparability with traditional silt fencing.

Quick & Easy Biodegradable Cleanup

The Diamond Sock compost filter sock is an environmentally friendly erosion solution: filler material = biodegradable; therefore, all that requires cleanup (in most cases) is the netting material.

Better Performance/Functional Field Longevity

Diamond Sock dynamically ponds & filters runoff allowing the BMP to prevent soil erosion better and for a longer period of time.


Can be used for numerous applications such as: perimeter control, inlet protection, ditch checks, and slope interruption.



  • Diamond Sock should be placed on a flat level area, in sections running perpendicular to the runoff flow direction from the area of disturbance.
  • Loose material (soil, mulch, sand, or fill) may optionally be placed along the upslope side, filling the seam between the soil surface and the sock, improving sediment retention.

Hardwood stakes shall be installed through the middle of continuous Diamond Sock on 10-ft intervals.

Diamond Sock may also be staked on the down slope side with stakes tilted downward wedging the sock in place. Staking depth for sand, clay, and silt loam soils shall be 12-inches.

In the event staking is not possible (when Diamond Sock is used on concrete or paved hard surface) heavy concrete blocks shall be used behind the sock to help stabilize during rainfall/runoff events. Where two sections meet, j-hook higher elevation end, or side overlap ends 1-2-ft and tightly side-butt. Stake through each end and add loose material as needed.

Palletized pre-cut Diamond Socks can be used in areas where machine access is difficult, the sock needs to be occasionally moved, or the Sock needs to run diagonal to grade. Diamond Sock sectional installation allows periodic “j-hooks” at section ends. This prevents parallel unchecked water flow that can undermine the Sock.

CFS Joint: Where two CFS sections meet on level grade, overlap the adjoining ends, tightly butt together, and stake through each end. Where Two sections meet on un-level grade, j-hook higher elevation end, stake, and begin new section just below. Use loose mulch to fill any voids in joint.


Diamond Socks should be inspected after each runoff event.  Sediment should be removed once it has accumulated to one-half the original height of the Sock.

Repair with handwork if a given section of Diamond Sock shows signs of undercutting. Reinforce with handwork if a given section of the Sock shows signs of pushing.

A given section of Diamond Sock shall be replaced whenever it has deteriorated to such an extent that the effectiveness is reduced or diminished. Deterioration could occur because of natural mesh fabric breakdown over time or abusive field activities such as dragging/moving on the jobsite or driving over CFS.


Diamond Sock shall remain in place until disturbed areas have been stabilized.

All sediment accumulation at Diamond Sock shall be removed and properly disposed of before uninstalling the Sock.  Where allowed by law, the Diamond Sock may be cut open to spread the filler material around the site. Netting shall be removed from jobsite.

Item No.
Linear Ft
24” 1 Pieces
Linear Ft
18” 5 Pieces, 10’
Linear Ft
18” 1 Piece
Linear Ft
12” 10 Pieces, 10'
Linear Ft
12" 1 Piece
Linear Ft
8” 9 Pieces, 20'
Linear Ft
8” 18 Pieces, 10'
Linear Ft
8” 1 Piece
"The Compost Filter Sock seems to be more durable than other wattles on the market, and it has survived wind forces that silt fence used earlier in the project had not survived."
Jamie Sullivan
P.E. Talbot Brothers, Memphis, Tennessee

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