Storm XR Silt Fence

3 dimensional, non woven silt fence that doesn't blind.

A silt fence solution that will save you time and money.

We set out to make the toughest silt fence solution around. Storm XR was designed with strength and water seepage as the most important factors.
We tested various fabrics to find the PRIME solution for preventing blinding while adding strength. We landed on a 15 denier polypropylene—the thickest on the market.
Next, we added fiber length and crimping to make the fabric as strong as possible. In fact, in our quest to make Storm XR the best solution for YOU, we ended up with 4 individual patent claims on this product. By pulling Storm XR's re-tensioning string, you can fix a sagging fence without replacing anything.
This is a product designed by engineers, for engineers.
Plastic bag of Kengro Biosorb granular oil absorbent
No Metal Backing

Storm XR is made with an incredibly strong, porous material that makes linked fence or backing unnecessary.

Retention cord

Saggy fence? Use the retention cord to make sure fence stays taut and stands tall throughout its use. The retention cord can be wrapped around wood stakes to tighten fence.

Easy Installation

Lack of metal baking make this fence a rapid and easy install.

Strong and porous textile

This textile was designed with water seepage and strength as its two main qualities. Avoid rips and tears and repairs.

Blinding resistent

The nature of Storm XR is to resist blinding at all costs using qualities such as the re-tensioning chord, the double stitch bury line, and vertical transmescivity.

Secondary Retensioning component

As fence starts to sag, use backup retention string to bring Storm XR bag to its installed height. No need to repair a whole sagging section anymore!

Easy Removal

Storm XR fabric is so strong that removal includes pulling this fence out with a skid steer. If in good condition, this product can be reused on another site, as it will not tear during the removal process.

Durable Fabric

This fence was designed to eliminate or reduce every single current problem in silt fencing. This includes sever puncture and UV  resistance, aimed to increase longevity.


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This product was designed to remove all of the problems of traditional silt fencing. We put this product through so many trials and made constant updates to make this the best silt fence possible. We have four patents on Storm XR because we kept challenging ourselves to make it the best.
Mike Zock
Storm XR Designer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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