Compost Filter Sock


The Dynamic Ponder & Filterer

A great perimeter control BMP alternative to traditional silt fencing both in performance and price.



  • Easy to Install
  • Better Performance Than traditional silt fencing
  • Easier Clean Up Only the netting needs to be taken up.
  • Comparable Installed Price to Silt Fencing
  • Environmentally Friendly



  • Perimeter Control
  • Inlet Protection
  • Slope Interruption
  • Ditch Check
  • Diversion Berm
  • Level-Spread Sediment Trap

Compost Filter Sock Highlights

  1. Field tested and proven, our pre-filled and palletized sock ranges from 8 to 24-inches.
  2. Each pre-filled sock contains well-aged shredded and ground hardwoods for exceptional sediment prevention and hydraulic flow.
  3. The key to this products’ great performance is the fact that it performs two jobs at once by ponding and filtering: 
    1. Ponding to an extend = good sediment retention
    2. Good hydraulic flow = better performance and longer functional field longevity.