Biosorb Oil Absorbent

An oil-eating, biodegradable absorbent.

A bioremediation agent used on land, water, and hard surfaces.

We grow and harvest an ultra absorbent fiber. Then we process it into our 100% natural, plant-based oil spill cleanup solution.
This fiber contains thousands of microbes that eat oil. These special microbes turn oil back into hydrogen and carbon, and then biodegrade!
Biosorb has thousands more microbes than any other granular absorbent on the market.
Other absorbents smother oil and must then be retrieved.
Kengro's oil absorbent is eco friendly, cost efficient, and rapidly absorbent. What's the catch? There isn't one...
Plastic bag of Kengro Biosorb granular oil absorbent

Biodegrades after cleaning up a spill and eating hydrocarbons. In many states, further disposal is not required.

100% Natural

Contains no carcinogens and is safe and pure. Using 1 bag of Kengro Biosorb can prevent 196 lbs of clay from going to a landfill.

Microbes that Eat Oil

Biosorb's natural microbes=rapid bioremediation. Biosorb is one of the fastest-acting agents on the market.

Easy to Dispose

Can be thrown into the compost, into your child’s sandbox, or anywhere you’d like. Check your state regulations. You won’t have to sweep this product under the rug.


Yields extremely low labor and disposal costs.  Less Biosorb is needed to clean up one gallon of T-102 Light Crude than any other product.

Reduced Labor Time

Biosorb requires little maintenance to work its magic once dispersed.

Absorbs Over 6x’s its Weight

Best absorbency capabilities available. For comparison, clay absorbs .063 times its weight. 


Does not absorb water. 100% of absorption soaks up oil, not water, making it an ideal solution for all spills.

1 Bag Covers 40 sq. ft.

One bag goes a long way! Our product covers 40 square feet on a 1-inch spill, 20 square feet on a 2 inch spill, etc.

Plastic 2 Cubic Feet
Paper 2 Cubic Feet
735 P
Item No.
735 P
Plastic 2 Cubic Feet
“It’s the best oil absorbent on the market.  It’s lightweight, easy to apply, and floats on water the best.  We don’t use anything else, and I don’t envision anything better coming along.”
Scott Hayes
Production Foreman 1, Hennessey, Oklahoma

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