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About Kengro X

Kengro X is a proprietary blend of 100% natural cellulose fibers. It is sifted to minus 25 mesh for optimal solution to seepage and loss circulation problems. Kengro X also provides superior performance of removing stains from soil as well as rapid absorption of hydrocarbons.

Click All natural: annual renewable resource - 100% Biodegradeable
Click Non-fermenting
Click Non-toxic: - No adverse effect on plants or animals
Click Non-abrasive
Click Non-corrosive
Click Ultra absorbent: 7 plus times its weight
Click BTU rating: (7500 BTU)
Click Weight/bulk density: 8-9 lbs per cubic foot
Click Particle size: fine minus 30 mesh
Click Color: light brown
Click Packaging: 25 lb. bags